Jonathan Kosik is the author of several short stories, a first novel in agent query hell, a second novel in progress, a sometimes adjunct professor, and works on a television show about cars with ungodly amounts of horsepower.

He was raised in the land of the Moon Pie, but learned to live all over the US of A. He learned to write fiction the same way he learned to drive a forklift: by running into things and trying to do better the next time around. A graduate of The University of Central Florida's MFA program, his work has appeared in decomP magazinE, 50-Word Stories, Monkeybicycle, Night Train, Clapboard House, Glossolalia, Burrow Press Review, and he has had stories included in two collections: Fragmentation + Other Stories, and 15 Views of Orlando, Volume III: Forget How You Found Us.

He built a three-hundred-square-foot deck by himself and only managed to smash the bejesus out of his thumb a few dozen times. He never lost a thumbnail, so now he’s decided to build another one twice that size.

Jonathan lives with his hotshot ACD/copywriter wife and their daughter Ginger Bomb (superhero name) in Goodlettsville, TN—where houses and land are priced reasonably, and you can still make it to downtown Nashville in under twenty.

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